Master Planning & Urban Design

The company has a strong well-respected and highly skilled urban design team.  Our master planning team comprises urban designers, architects, landscape architects and ecological designers.  This team works alongside the planning team to prepare scheme layouts, detailed master plans and design codes. The master planning team designs bespoke attractive and high quality environments that are robust, adaptable and inclusive to all sections of society.  Our vision is to create new urban areas and public places that respect their context, have their own characteristics and within which new communities can develop.  Importantly we design places where children can play in the streets and that future residents do not feel the need to escape from at the weekends. Our master planning and urban design services include:

  • Detailed site survey and assessment;
  • Contextual appraisals;
  • Constraints and opportunity assessments;
  • Conceptual models and initial design appraisals;
  • Detailed master planning and area development strategies;
  • Development briefs and frameworks;
  • Design codes and guides;
  • Community liaison, public engagement and design workshops;
  • Independent design review;
  • Development feasibility and options studies;
  • Townscape analysis and appraisals
  • 3D visualisations and photo montages
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