Our History

Lanpro was founded in 2008, with the specific aim of being the best independent planning consultancy, focusing on achieving the best planning outcomes for our clients and the community.

Over the following years, the company has expanded geographically, opening offices in the Midlands, Essex, London, Cambridge, Manchester and York, as well as adding wider services to support the business in delivering results.

In recent years the company has set-up the design studio that is focused on providing high-quality master planning, urban design, architecture and landscape architecture services.  At the same time the company has continued to grow still further its highly regarded archaeology, heritage and conservation, transport and travel teams.  Lanpro remains independent and has recently been recognised as one of the top ten fastest growing planning consultancies in the UK.

We have succeeded with many regionally significant development schemes including large urban extensions and often complex housing sites including flood resilient development, major new employment parks including specialist hi-tech and agri-tech proposals, high-density urban brownfield mixed-use developments, numerous greenfield strategic land promotions, new leisure and sporting facilities, infrastructure developments including renewable energy projects, town centre regeneration schemes, river corridor realignment and habitat restoration projects, and, most recently, major new settlements incorporating up to 10,000 new dwellings.

Our aim is to continue to deliver the best results for all our clients, identifying development opportunities where possible and working collaboratively to deliver high quality and inclusive new development.

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