Thorington Theatre, Thorington, Suffolk

Lanpro successfully secured retrospective planning permission for a 350-seat outdoor theatre in the woods close to the village of Thorington, Suffolk.

Lanpro was instructed to submit a retrospective planning application for a 350-seat outdoor theatre at Thorington, Suffolk.  The client had been advised by officers at East Suffolk Council that a recently constructed wooden theatre required planning permission, and drawings and supporting justification for the scheme were submitted.

The theatre was constructed with the smallest possible carbon footprint using locally-sourced timber from the surrounding woodland.  This involved the sensitive and sustainable coppicing of nearby chestnut trees and was built in the site of a World War II bomb crater, which created a natural amphitheatre in the woods.

Throughout the planning process Lanpro engaged constructively with the Council’s planners who provided helpful and thoughtful suggestions and recommendations to support that would allow the theatre to be retained and planning permission granted. This involved the provision of additional tree planting, modifications to the access, some restrictions on the time the theatre can be used, and other measures to visually minimise the impact of the proposal.


Thorington Theatre now has an impressive line up of theatre productions including comedy, theatre, opera, live acoustic music, musicals, and children’s and family plays. Lanpro is delighted to have assisted our client in helping to secure planning permission on this unique addition to Suffolk’s cultural offer.

Project: Thorington Theatre, Thorington, Suffolk
Council Name: East Suffolk Council
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