Gunhild Way, Cambridge

Lanpro submitted a retrospective planning application for a high-quality outdoor office space.

The client constructed an office in their rear garden believing it was allowed through permitted development rights. However, in August 2021, the client applied for a certificate of lawful use for the outbuilding, which was rejected on the grounds that it has an overhanging covered veranda, which exceeded the permitted floor area. The client therefore asked Lanpro to help them to secure planning permission for the office.

After carefully considering how the office accords with Cambridge City Council’s planning policies, Lanpro submitted a retrospective planning application and in November 2021, the office received planning permission.


Project: 102 Gunhild Way, Cambridge
Council Name: Cambridge City Council
Planning + Development
Will Nichols (Regional Director - Cambridge)
T: 07974 439812
"We were pleased to achieve a successful outcome for the client in a speedy manner, ensuring they will be able to retain a high-quality outdoor office space to work in during and after the Covid-19 pandemic."
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