Greater Norwich Local Plan, Final Draft Reg 18 consultation

As noted in our local plan monitor and on LinkedIn, documents have now been published by the Greater Norwich Growth Board relating to the next stage of consultation on the Greater Norwich Local Plan (which covers Norwich, Broadland & South Norfolk).

The various reports identify the growth strategy for the area and the preferred development sites that will be taken forward for consultation in the emerging plan. We have been advising our clients of the good news, where their site is a preferred option, and gearing up for further submissions to support these sites, when the consultation opens 29th January 2020. Where sites have not been identified as preferred options, we are continuing to advise clients of the work needed and appropriate planning strategy, to continue to argue the case for their inclusion in the plan.

Notably, some of the smaller settlements in South Norfolk have not been addressed in the published material. The papers indicate that South Norfolk Council intends to prepare a separate ‘ ……village clusters plan covering new sites for housing in the rural parishes that collectively form primary school clusters. The council aims to progress this South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Site Allocations document as quickly as possible…..’

If you have sites that you need a robust case to be made, for its inclusion in the plan, then do get in touch.

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