Team Lanpro takes on the Steeplechase!

Blood, sweat and (almost) tears as team Lanpro takes on the Steeplechase! IMG_3401

When the office chat turned to “lets do a steeplechase” I’m not sure too many people looked to the website before agreeing to take part. The words “it’ll be fun” and “there’s plenty of us doing it” were mentioned on more than one occasion and before you knew it we were in, all booked and raring to go!

So, Saturday 27th October arrived and us hardy ones found ourselves standing in a field just outside Norwich in the pouring rain (not light rain!) being put through our paces by ‘Mr Motivator’, and that was just the warm up!


What followed can only be described as hell. Something like 100 obstacles over the 10km course including 100 metre icy river wade, sticky mud pit and forest frolics. All of this with the biggest downpour Norwich has seen for months.

All joking aside, and said with frozen toes and blue lips, this was a fantastic event  to take part in and team Lanpro had a great day out encouraging each other around this course normally reserved for horses! Great team effort by everyone.

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