Land at Camela Lane, Camblesforth, Selby

Lanpro has secured planning permission for a 50MW Solar Farm at Camblesforth, close to Drax Power Station.

The development will create clean energy to power in the region of 15,000 new homes. Lanpro identified the planning strategy to bring forward the development; prepared and submitted the Environmental Statement and led on the preparation, submission and negotiation of the planning application. We worked closely with Officers of Selby Council to address landscape and cumulative impacts, and the application was approved unanimously by the planning committee on 6th July 2002.

Project: Land at Camela Lane, Camblesforth, Selby
Client Name: Island Green Power and P3P Partners
Council Name: Selby District Council
Planning + Development
Archaeology + Heritage
Ian Douglass (Director of Planning)
T: 01603 559460
"Whilst there was some ‘straight talking’ at times between the applicant and the Council on this one, ultimately the understanding of the site, engagement with the local community and the quality of the proposals, led to the success of this. Officers placed the right emphases on the impacts and the benefits of the development when explaining the proposals to Members, which left very little to have to debate in the Council Chamber."
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