Do you have an interest in land in Babergh or Mid Suffolk districts?

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have agreed to work together to prepare their Joint Local Plan.  An integral part of the Local Plan preparation process is to identify sites which may potentially meet the required needs for development.  The first stage in this process is a “Call for Sites”, where landowners, developers and other interested parties are able to submit land for consideration by Babergh and Mid Suffolk authorities.  Site proposals can be submitted for any use, including residential (open market and self build), employment , retail, open space and gypsy and traveller site uses.  A wide range of details are required including location, proximity to local services and utilities, size, ownership, timescale for development, previous and current land use and various constraints information (any contamination, flood risk, legal etc…) and Lanpro can help you promote your site maximising its chances of allocation within the Joint Local Plan.

The Call runs until 5 pm on Friday 26th August.  If you own or have an interest in land within the Babergh or Mid Suffolk districts that you wish to be included within the Call for Sites, contact Lanpro on 01603 631319 who can make your case for its inclusion in the Local Plan.