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Landscape Architecture

Lanpro prepared the landscape master plan and ecological enhancement strategy for some 64 ha of land south of Toftwood, Dereham.  This work included the detailed design of all public and semi-public open spaces proposed under the urban extension including a new 10.5 ha urban park to meet existing play space deficiencies locally, a series of locally equipped play areas and a new network of pedestrian and cycle routes.

The landscape design was informed by a series of seasonal baseline assessments of the flora, fauna and ground conditions present within the site.  This survey work was undertaken by Lanpro and specialist advisors from Aspect Ecology and the University of Sheffield.

The landscape strategy was then developed and a surface water attenuation scheme designed to create the right conditions for new M22 fen habitats to develop this part of the site adjacent Badley Moor SSSI.  This work involved altering ground contours and collaring existing drainage ditches to alter the flow of surface waters to better retain calcium rich water emanating from natural high-pressure springs within the site.  This work involved working with a hydro-geologist to assess the movement of spring water across the site and the implications of altering the existing agricultural drainage network on Badley Moor SSSI.

The final landscape master plan provides for the delivery of 26.8 ha of new fen habitats in the area around Badley Moor SSSI.  In addition some 12.5 ha of new flood floor plain and some 2.5 km of river-bed re-profiling is proposed as part of the scheme design.

The overall landscape master plan design is exemplar and will serve as a benchmark as to the scale of ecological enhancement that can be delivered as a result of planned housing development.

“The final landscape master plan provides for the delivery of 26.8 ha of new M22 fen habitats in the area around Badley Moor SSSI”