Lanpro secures planning permission for an agricultural building conversion to a dwelling of outstanding design

Lanpro has secured planning permission for the conversion and extension of an existing vacant former agricultural building to form a dwelling at Oxborough Lakes which satisfies national policy requirements for dwellings of outstanding design.

The building is located at the lakes on Oxborough Road in Oxborough which is situated in Norfolk’s Breckland District and once converted, will have extensions which project out at a right angle to the existing building from the roof and extend out on stilts over the adjacent landscape.  The dwelling will have a garage, plant room, lobby and third bedroom suite at ground floor within the existing building, with the proposed extension providing an open plan living area and first floor bathroom and two bedrooms and projecting balcony at the first floor with access to the flat roof.

National planning policy instructs local planning authorities to avoid approving permission for isolated new homes in the countryside, but outlines special circumstances that may justify development which include the exceptional quality or innovative nature of the design of the dwelling.  The stringent requirements demand that such dwellings should:

  • Be truly outstanding or innovative, helping to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas;
  • Reflect the highest standards of architecture;
  • Significantly enhance its immediate setting; and
  • Be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

Having assessed the proposal, Breckland planning officers concluded that the new dwelling – designed to achieve code level 5 of the code for sustainable homes – is of high quality, unique and innovative design, sensitive to its setting and surrounding flora and fauna and as such, meets the criteria set out by the Government in paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

An impressive package of ecological enhancements will be delivered alongside the scheme, including the incorporation of habitats features within the building, provision of two flint spits within the adjacent lake and ongoing management of the lakes until 2036.  Of significant social benefit to the local community and bird watching groups is the provision of a bird hide accessible to the public.

Lee Burgess, director of architecture at Lanpro, said:

“The Oxborough Lake proposals provided Lanpro with the opportunity to deliver an exciting, innovative solution to our client’s requirements by combining ecological benefits with high quality design in one project.  Lanpro’s meticulous design considerations resulted in a compelling design approach that created an inspirational and unique family home which was unanimously approved by the Local Authority Planning Committee.  Lanpro is proud to have designed such a special home that our client can enjoy well into the future”.

Please click the link below to see the full project.

Oxborough Lakes House