Lanpro secure planning permission for a ‘non-isolated’ home in the Countryside

Members of Waveney District Council Planning Committee have voted unanimously to grant full planning permission for the development of a new residential dwelling just outside of the village of Holton, Waveney, Suffolk.


The dwelling responds specifically to the needs of the applicant who was diagnosed with a serious neurological illness in 2017. The approved building, designed by Anthony Hudson Architects, provides an innovative response to the applicant’s complex health requirements, including her diminishing mobility and memory.


In considering the proposals, planning officers accepted that, whilst the proposal site is located outside the defined settlement limits of Holton, it is well related and is visually and physically connected to it. Officers agreed that the proposal site is not ‘isolated’ and has the potential to enhance and maintain the vitality of the settlement of Holton and those settlements close by. The proposed development was concluded to be sustainable, rural, residential development of the sort that is promoted within Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.


Whilst not a determining factor, officers gave weight to the high quality design of the proposed building and its surrounding landscape.


The application was prepared and managed by Lanpro. Hannah Smith, Associate Planner said:


“Lanpro secured planning permission having successfully presented the site as not being ‘isolated’. This application saw Lanpro successfully apply recent High Court Judgements on the meaning of ‘isolated’ homes in the countryside and delivers a much needed, high quality home for the applicant.”

Image credit. Anthony Hudson Architects